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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finding Deals Online - One of the best tools!

There are some REALLY great websites out there for finding great deals on pretty much anything. I know I have learned so much about saving money from various internet sites. It was also surprising that there were so many people out there looking for the exact same thing I was - to save money!

I personally started my online deals chatting on a website called Smart Canucks. It's a Canadian based website that has blogs, deals postings by members, great coupon links, and even contests. There is a wealth of knowledge on there. I've been able to save quite the chunk of change on items I would have bought regardless. They also quite often have a list of coupons to use with flyer deals, which can save you some time from sitting down and figuring this each week.

There is a new website that was just recently started called Flyers Coupons Canada. In my opinion this is going to be even better than what Smart Canucks is now (if that is possible), because everything seems so organized. Rather than looking for a deal under "Deals Section", there is a category for pretty much every chain store you can think of in Canada. It does make it a lot easier to find deals for my grocery store this way. There is also a blog page, and a reviews page, where customers can review products and stores they've tried. I'm very excited for this website!

Both websites have a community of like-minded friendly people. There is a chat forum for misc. conversation where you can even make online friends. or discuss whatever you feel like. I encourage anyone who is looking to start trying to stuff their piggy bank to check out both of these websites. I'm sure you'll find them very useful!


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