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Monday, May 10, 2010

Canning the Coffee Chain for Canned Coffee!

"Can I have a large coffee, two cream & one sugar please?" This used to be my typical morning order at our beloved Tim Horton's drive through. I never really thought about the $1.62 that I spent at least 6 times a week. But now, I am reevaluating everything that I spend money on. This is a monthy cost of $38.88, just for me. DH probably gets Timmy's 3-4 times a week which is $19.44 or more per month. So in total, this is costing us $58.32 or more per month ($699.84 per year). $700 a year on coffee? Are you kidding me? This needs fixing!

After trying different types of home made coffee, we've discovered one that we really like. I wasn't a fan of Tim Horton's brew at home coffee, Maxwell House & Folgers seemed so watery to me, even when I made it stronge, and Starbuck's brew at home coffee is pretty expensive. We tried Nabob, and we both LOVED it. This is about a middle-of-the-road coffee as far as price is concerned in the grocery store. It has a nice full flavor, and to be truthful I think I like this better than my Timmy's.

Regular priced, a large can of this is $12.50, (and I had a $0.50 coupon), but this should last us at least 3 months. Obviously we still have to buy our own cream, which is $3.25 for 1 liter. This normally lasts 1.5-2 weeks. I was fortunate enough on Saturday to find Nabob coffee on sale at the Super Store for 50% off. It was the small cans, but with my coupon I got each can for $2.50. Each can will last almost a month.

We still keep Timmy's as our "treat" that we get say on Friday's after work, or whenever the splurge feeling hits. So as of now, I am buying Timmy's once a week, or a monthly total of $6.48 or $12.96 for the both of us. This is more like it! I do beleive that we should be able to treat ourselves here and there, so for $13.00 per month, I don't mind doing this at all.

Right now with buying our own coffee & cream, (we always have sugar in the house), it is costing us approx $10.50 per month. We still have our once a week treat from Timmy's, which is approx $12.96, for a total of $23.62 per month. This is a savings of approx. $34.86 per month! (or $418.32 per year!) Not to mention the calories & fat we save ourselves from not getting the Timmy's coffee & cream (it's unreal, but that's another subject).

Now, we both agree that we are going to slowly cut back our coffee intake, just because we do drink alot of it, not really for the money savings this time. We're hoping by this time next month to only make a pot of coffee once every other day. Even though this isn't going to be for the money savings, it will still cut our $10.50/month back to $5.25 per month or there about. (Total approx $219.00 per year for coffee, rather than our $700.00 per year coffee intake, for a total of $481.00 savings per year!!)

Happy brewing!

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