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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Auto Insurance - Paying Annually Rather than Monthly.

I have a 2008 two door burgundy Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was the biggest purchase I've made, to date. This is a car that I drooled over since I was sixteen. Finally, when Mitsubishi came to Canada, I began my six month long debate/research of possibly buying one.

After going on their website almost every day, and using the virtual "build it" tool, to make and price out my dream car, I decided to take the next step and go to the dealership. I had been driving a car I had for almost seven years, and they offered (after much back and forth mind you) what I thought was a very reasonable offer for my seven year old car.

The deal was made, and two and a half years ago, I drove away with the car I had wanted for over ten years. The payments are very reasonable over a five year term, and I am still happy with my purchase.

The only problem with buying a two door car is insurance. Being a 28 year old female in NS, with no previous accidents or fines on my record (*knocks on wood*), I didn't expect my insurance to be so high. However, it is a few cents away from $1000.00 per year for full coverage. This is about $200 more per year than DH's insurance on his truck of the same year and he doesn't have a squeaky clean driving record.

For the past almost ten years since I've had my own vehicle, I've always chosen to pay my car insurance monthly. Coming up with a lump sum of cash every year wasn't something I could easily do, so thought it was much easier to just pay monthly. This year, since I'm really to start coming around to savings. RRSP's, Tax Free Savings Accounts, etc, I thought I would look into what the price difference would be to just pay my insurance in a lump some, for the first time...well, ever.

I've been paying $91.15 per month for insurance. $91.15x12 is $1093.80. Therefore I'm paying my insurance company an additional $93.80 per year to pay monthly rather than annually. Truthfully, I would really like to have the $93.80 in my hands rather than theirs.

Off to my insurance company I went. I have my bill for my upcoming insurance which is due in another two months, and will be saving money from my next few paychecks to cover this amount. Yes, things may be a bit tight for the next few weeks, but it's worth it in the long run. Not only do I have $93.80 to add to my piggy bank savings, I also have one less monthly bill to think about for an entire year. I hope to pay my car insurance this way from here on out.

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