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Monday, April 26, 2010

Thrift Store Shopping - VERA WANG included!

Okay, so just because I am trying to save money, doesn't mean a girl can't shop! I was in shopping mode the other day, and decided to check out our local second hand clothing store. It's called Guy's Frenchies and it is a pretty big store. I admit that I've been a second hand shopper for years, on and off whenever the urge strikes me. This time I went on a mission looking for some summery clothes.

The store is broken up into sections and the clothes are in bins. It's a very clean and spacious store. There is anything from bedding to books, handbags to baby clothes. Pretty much every main category is covered.

Like I mentioned earlier I am going on vacation in Sept, and I do need at least two dresses to take on this vacation, and would like some nice outfits to wear to dinner. I have some dresses at home, but not a large selection. None that really feels right for the event. I was really looking for a simple black dress, or something easy. To my amazement, I stumbled a crossed a beautiful Vera Wang dress. It is the right fit, and drops just below the knee. It's strapless, burgundy satin, and is in PERFECT shape! I bought it for the low low price of $7.00!

On this same shopping trip, I picked up two books that I've been wanting to read (softcover, $1.50 each), a lovely Nine West black pencil skirt ($3.00), a black shrug sweater ($2.50) and a silver clutch wallet ($1.75). I also found a pair of shorts for DH ($3.50).

My total shopping trip came to $20.75 before taxes! I would have spent that on DH's shorts alone! Not only do I have a large part of my vacation wear, but I picked up some other extras too, all for a small percentage of what I would have paid in a retail store.

I may have to go back again next week to see if I can finish up my summer shopping there!

*I haven't had the dress dry-cleaned yet, so please forgive the wrinkles, LOL

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